Product Brief:

This work is for Salesforce’s e-commerce platform, known as Commerce Cloud.
Einstein is Salesforce’s A.I. / machine learning platform
Page Designer is a Salesforce’s WISIWYG web page builder


The setup of any Einstein Product Recommendation, is extremely technical and difficult to implement correctly.  As a result, brands have difficulty achieving the maximum increase in key metrics (A.O.V, conversion, sales, etc.) that product recommendations can provide.

Business Goals:

  • Make it easy for our clients to place recommended products on their site, so they can sell more products.  With the existing profit-sharing model, when our clients make more money, Salesforce does as well.

My Role:

  • Developed inital concept for combining Page Builder and Einstein
  • Merged Einstein recommendation engine with Page Builder designs.
  • Consulted for marketing, executive, and external teams for storyboarding.
  • Represented the Einstein team when determining technical feasibility with the broader group.
  • Created final designs for the presentation and handoff.
Our main persona for this type of work is a Merchandiser. Their daily job includes:

  • Displaying certain products (sales, sets, groupings)
  • Adding new products to the catalog
  • Monitoring metrics like CTR, total sales, campaign health


Page Designer is a feature heavily requested by Merchandisers, as a way to quickly spin up new pages and avoid the long lead time of their development team.

For the Einstein Product Recommendations module:
Currently, creating Einstein Product Recommendations requires merchansiders to use a separate Einstein specific web app. (Which was a clunky experience)

Additionally, the language in the existing app was highly technical which made it even more difficult for merchandisers to grasp.

To address these issues, I purposed that we combine the functionality of the seperate Einstein Web app and the ease of use of the Page Builder.  And in doing so, distill down the highly technical nature of product recommendations to something that an average Merchandiser could handle.

Here, I’m getting a baseline on where different product recommendations fit on a standard ecommerce site.
Posing some upfront questions about how the system works currently, required states, and common practices for merchandisers.

Before we got too deep into designs, we enlisted the help of Merchandisers for Pac Sun, MoMA, Lucky Brand, and Cole Hans.

My PM and I were able to tag team questions via the interview script I developed.  Each interview brought something new to the table.  Some merchandisers expressed that they were “intimidated by the system”  others voiced that they “had difficult knowing if their recommendations were set up properly.”

We took their feedback for each interview and iterated to reflect what we discovered.

Since the interviews were recorded, this feedback was also extremely valuable in making our case to the broader product team.

Auditing the current setup process to gather a better understanding of requirements


Our project was presented by Commerce Cloud CEO Mike Micucci as the keynote for the Innovation Summit Conference.  Page Designer is currently in beta.  The Einstein product recommendations module is due to be released in March 2020.

Release Date

"This might be the coolest thing - I've ever presented"

Mike MicucciCEO Salesforce Commerce Cloud