Messaging Platform

Product Brief:

Dispatch is a workforce management software for service providers.  At different points during a job, a customer is sent automated status updates via SMS and Email.  We discovered was that customers were messaging back. (over 300 messages a day)

” Thanks, the key is under the mat.”
” Please use the front door, out dog is locked out back”


Customers believe that their messages are sent back to their service provider.  They aren’t, and valuable info is getting lost in the shuffle.

Business Goal:

  • Help service pros earn repeat business.  Service work that takes longer than the scheduled appointment window is often unavoidable.  As a result, good communication to set expectations with the customer goes a long way toward earning repeat business.


PM / Sole Designer
(Epic writing, estimation, design work, all the way though to implementation)




The feature set was first released in beta to 300 customers for testing and then rolled out to our full network.  By the third day of the public release, the platform was handling over 20,000 messages per day.

Reduction in Customer "No-Shows"
Increase in Customer Star Rating

Mobile messaging has been FANTASTIC! The ability to communicate with the customer while on the road has made the experience as a whole, much better. Simple things like the customer being able to let me know that they will be 5 minutes late to our appointment or just being able to send a thank you improve the experience. No improvements necessary.

Stephen JaegerJaeger Electric Inc.

I found it the other day and I love it.

Kennard Weaver - Hometown Rooter Plumbing(In reference to the release of desktop chat)

This is amazing. I have already used it, and loved it!

Erika Smoke - A Water Solution, Inc(In reference to the release of desktop chat)