Billing Platform

Product Brief:

Dispatch is a workforce management software for service providers. (HVAC technicians, plumbers, etc.)
The product focuses on connecting 3rd party service providers with large enterprises that don’t have a dedicated workforce.


  • Buggy desktop billing expierence due to legacy codebase.
  • Manual invoicing processes for service pros
  • Mobile app lacks features of competitor software

Business Goals:

  • Earn a small convenience fee for each credit card transaction completed with the new billing system.
  • Migrate billing system off legacy code base to reduce developement and customer support overhead.


Sole Designer
(user research, flows, prototypes for desktop and mobile)


Screenshot of billing apps
Here I’m auditing the most popular apps for invoicing/billing to find common patterns



Not only did we give very positive feedback about the update but, our Customer Support team saw a marked reduction in in-bound calls since billing errors and bugs were the #1 complaint being filed at the time.

It’s Faster

With the overhaul, we were also able to migrate that section of our desktop application off a legacy codebase.  Which improved our page load times, allowing our users to work faster.

Less Paperwork

Now that invoices, parts, and cost can be shared easily internally there’s no need to manually replicate paper invoices.  This means more free time for our users.

Feature Parity

From credit card scanners, inventory pricing, Square integration, and more. We rolled in all the big features… and then some.

"OK... So I have to say THANK YOU so much for this amazing super fast billing update. I hope we don't have any issues (but I'm sure some bug might find its way in at some point or another) but for now, it works amazing. Its so fast and makes me like doing my job again.
(Honestly, the older one was so slow I dreaded doing the billing) so thank you and please tell your team that they did an amazing job and I thank each and every one of them... I'd give them all a great big hug if I could. Thank you again!"

Linda, Rite-a-Way ServicesBilling Power-User