Drag & Drop Product Recommendations

Product Brief:

You know how Amazon recommends items to you based on what you buy?  Well, this feature lets Salesforce sellers put the same type of recommedations on their own online store.


The setup of any Product Recommendation, is extremely technical and difficult to implement correctly.  As a result, brands have difficulty achieving the maximum increase in key metrics (A.O.V, conversion, sales, etc.) that product recommendations can provide.

Business Goals:

Make it easy for our clients to place product recommendations on their site, so they can sell more products.  With our profit-sharing model, when our clients make more money, Salesforce does too.


(Recommendations module built by me , Page Designer product built by another team)


Before we got too deep into designs, we enlisted the help of Merchandisers for Pac Sun, MoMA, Lucky Brand, and Cole Hans.

We took their feedback for each interview and iterated to reflect what we discovered.

Since the interviews were recorded, this feedback was also extremely valuable in making our case to the broader product team.



Our project was presented by Commerce Cloud CEO Mike Micucci as the keynote for the Innovation Summit Conference.  Page Designer is currently in beta.  The Einstein product recommendations module is due to be released in March 2020.

Release Date

"This might be the coolest thing I've ever presented"

Mike MicucciCEO Salesforce Commerce Cloud